About Us
is a social community for gamers who strive to be top-tier in the games we play without losing sight on the aspect of fun. Simply put, with several core game divisions, an expansive and connected playerbase, and big aspirations for the future - WASP Inc. is a serious and highly successful gaming community.

In WASP Inc we don't care about your nationality or background: We want people who are mature and responsible; willing and able to play as a team; who can respect their fellow friends and opponents alike. While individual skill is valuable, teamwork is just as important too, and together we will always strive to succeed.

In summary, WASP Inc. is a committed and widespread gaming community of serious gamers who always aim for the sweet spot between organised play to win and the value of playing socially for fun.

Our History
WASP Inc. was founded in the original All Points Bulletin game where we were selected as the “Best Closed Beta Enforcer Clan” by the original developers. This gave us a lot of early prestige as a new clan which we still maintain to this day in APB: Reloaded. While WASP Inc originates on the APB European servers, we later expanded our operations to the North American servers as demand for our gameplay grew.

It was at this point we began to move away from the idea of being a clan solely in APB. Our first steps in becoming a proper gaming community started with our entry into the PlanetSide 2 Tech Test. With the experience of being a well-established and successful APB clan, and the support of our members who were veterans of the original PlanetSide, we had a strong basis for expansion into PlanetSide 2. Since then, WASP Inc in PlanetSide 2 has become one of the most successful and renowned Outfits in the game. After the successful transition to a multi-gaming community our members formed a Dota 2 division which eventually became our third core division. With three successful expansions into contrasting games, we looked at other games that had potential to become the next core game division. In April 2015 the CS:GO division was rebooted after a successful merger and within a month it grew into a full core game division. Aside from our core gaming divisions we also play many more games with our large community. We have ambitions to expand our influence and establish ourselves into more games as we grow, to expose more gamers and communities to our name, our abilities and our gameplay style.​

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