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APB - Citadel [GRIT]
Cerviel are in this group. publicPublic scheduleJan 5, 2017
So it has come to my attention that we're hopefully going to start playing a bit more again now that summer vacations etc etc is comming to an end and people are going back to their normal things. With that said i have a few things I wanna write down when it comes to what we do during our play session. Looking back at the sessions we've had the communication overall can be drastically improved.

I belive most of you guys know that i have played CS for a very long time and i have played it up to a quite serious level. During that time i played the role IGL (That's Aedun for us) and the first things we started to work on was the overall communication. Because to begin with there was just to much random stuff being said and if you ask me we have the same problem when we've been playing APB together. We all know how important communication and working on it as early as possible is smart if you ask me.

  • If the opposition is playing low yeilds, HVR's, Volacnos or whatever gay shit the game has to offer we should never spend time complaining about it, obviously all of us hates when people play with theese things but we can't do anything about it. We have to do our best and just ignore it, it interrupts the flow of usefull talk during missions.
  • This might not have anything to do with our comms but i feel like it is very important that it gets said anyways. When it comes to losing missions, taking a loss and accepting it is important. Ofcourse winning should allways be our goal but being able to accept a loss is very important to. Lets say we've played for a couple of hours and we face a group that we lose against and somebody gets upset or frustrated over that shouldn't be a reason to end the session early or give up. We had this problem with my CS team, people would just quit and not come back for a few hours if we lost a scrim, we normally played BO3's and when we suddenly lost a match people got very upset over it and didn't want to continue playing. What we started doing was taking small breaks all from 5-15 minutes, what we did during those breaks was that we talked it over and got out the frustration. And i want us to do the same if this happens when we play APB.
  • When Aidan or who ever is in charge of our group at the time is about to make a call for a push or a setup that we want to use to deffend or attack a objective everyone should be completely quiet and not talk. And nobody should ever argue with the call, if you don't agree with the call that was made or the setup we used at some point we take a break and discuss it after the mission. If somebody starts questioning the call it breaks the flow of communication and somebody might miss what they were told to do.
  • One of the most important things is no RAGING. If you see someone making a mistake or doing something that is just completely retarded do not RAGE. Again this is something we can talk about during breaks or at the end of sessions. It surves no purpose to yell at people in the middle of a session, this again breaks the flow of communication, giving them a simple heads up in the middle of a mission is better as it doesn't affect the overall comms that much.
  • Last thing i wanna add is reviewing our sessions. In CS it was a lot easier since you could just review your own demo and ofcourse it's a completely different game that plays out differently. If we've played VS someone who streamed we could watch the VOD together, if people records we could go over the demo together and look over potential mistakes we've made. This one might be a little harded than the other things I've mentioned, but it proves to be incredibly effective. I belive most E-sports teams that play on a proffesional level does this. This ofcourse isn't a necessity but if this is something that we could do i highly recommend we start doing it.

This is all i have to say for now. I could've added a ton of more things but i feel like this is enough for now. If people has anything they wanna add then feel free to do so.
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Okay so after i posted this it looks awfull, all the fomatting is completely gone I don't know why it came out like this. In the post i could see all the formatting.
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