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There will be a giveaway of this beauty on Sunday, Nov 13th, 6PM (PDT) or for us euros Monday, Nov 14th 3AM. So whoever is planning to stay up late tomorrow, get your awesome mount!

More info on:
babydragon more_vert
I got it also today, some streamer had a giveaway and guess who was lucky :smiley:
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New patch coming tomorrow. Wanna do some inhouse soon?
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Andrews more_vert
I'd love to, but I'm really busy this week, unfortunately. Maybe after next friday I can play like a maniac, but I gotta stomp down some uni assignments for now.
Ok, here's something that might be useful for practically all of you folks. Daniel, one of the top BR players currently, is offering to provide critical commentary on grade <10 plays, which is a great way to help improve with any given character, or even with just common knowledge. Here's the post on reddit, I'd highly suggest sending him something:
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