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    Basic concept of tactics represent the fundamentals and their understanding, that ultimately create the basic ground for any further deployed tactics. It is recommended for any team to be beforehand aware of chosen concept before commencing any plays. APR Reloaded consists of a great many variables, that call for adaptation more than anything, and yet understanding of how one's team operates and on what concept improves the chances of a synchronisation and greater results than relying on luck of circumstances.

    Any notes, opinions or thoughts about read content will be appreciated in a form of a private message to the moderator of GRIT.
    Current moderator: Aedn.

    2+2 Formation "Double Front"
    Basic principle of this formation is to beforehand decide on two pairs in a 4 man team and have such pairs act as a 200hp combined force. Ideally two team mates with different range weapons, such a pair never stays too far from each other and rotates positions / open fire. First focus is to be aware of pair's positioning and call outs for action, secondary focus is on the second pair of the team. Secondary focus can under specific circumstances allow both pairs to rotate in specific direction to avoid any deaths and meet enemy fire with "fresh" forces, thus ultimately playing as a 400hp combined force. Such a force would prove most deadly and stable in face of many attacks, but due to it's more taxing demand on call outs it relies on the team's tactics captain and precise reaction to callous to truly flourish, unless the team is synchronised enough to react on call outs alone.

    3+1 Formation "Crossfire Triangle"
    Compared to previous formation, this formation assumes a group of three players being aware of each other and moving in a seemingly triangular fashion. Ideally, any opposition will be met with a triple tag, ensuring swiftness in eradicating any resistance. Outside of ideal situation, the double tag stays main weapon, while the 3rd member covers the flanks of forward pair and provides necessary information on situation at hand that the fighting pair does not necessarily notice under fire. The fourth player in this formation acts more independent and ensures that opposition has no well placed car spawners, doesn't hold any viable vintage point easily and in general gets disrupted by the unknown element of an independently working 4th player, by for example causing painful strikes in the flank. The unknown element is brought forward in order to counter various opposition's tactics that would otherwise work on more standard and predictable tactics or behaviour. Speaking of a combined force, the number is roughly 350hp.

    2+2 / 3+1 Formation "Liquid Force"
    This formation has its main use when one of the team mates in 2+2 formation dies and spawns outside of the encirclement area, or if opposition obtains the means to disrupt the stability of the team by obtaining a substantial advantage in form of superior vintage point or car spawner. In theory, this concept assumes constant swift adaptation to the circumstances at hand of either the whole team (synchronisation) or tactics captain (calling out tactics). More demanding than previous two, this concept can be an objective to achieve for teams that value greater adaptability and swiftness of actions than is usually expected of previous two.
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