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    Tactics review is a discussion among present players about the mission or missions played. Such a discussion consists mainly of notes, opinions and thoughts being shared about any observed weaknesses, flaws, possible improvements, strengths and confirmation of efficiency of used tactics. The aim is to have everybody participate in a mutual understanding of how to play all the better under similar circumstances, be it understanding of own's flaws and strengths, be it understanding of team's synchronisation and team play sense, and eventually understanding of why, when and how some tactics are used, all in order to keep everybody on the same page and aware of how to react better next time.

    Such a discussion happens either right after a mission has been finished or after the session of missions has ended. Primary means of discussion is the TS Channel used by present members. Secondary means of discussion is GRIT's forums section in form of threads revolving around footages (video, stream) of played missions. For future reference and comfort of gathered knowledge, creation of footage threads and following reviews of tactics is greatly recommended and appreciated.

    For APB Citadel members, that are not part of GRIT, any notes, opinions or thoughts about read content will be appreciated in a form of a private message to the moderator of GRIT.
    Current moderator: Aedn.
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