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  1. henjey

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    Feb 1, 2020
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    Full Name: Maksim

    Provide a link to your Steam profile:

    Do you wish to clarify/elaborate on any previous bans? No.

    Country: Ukraine

    Description of yourself: A second-year veterinary student. I have been cycling for 8 years. Started playing APB from OBT. I love to play 2D 3D aim trainers where you don’t need to think and just poke at targets.

    Age (Minimum 18): 22

    Character Name: axtasia (recently renamed from henjey)

    Have you read and understood our charter? Yes

    Character Rating (Minimum 100): 255

    Other characters: axtazia, evaIen, evaIyn

    Threat Level (Minimum Gold): Gold

    Previous Game Experience: CS:GO - GE\10lvl FACEIT;
    PUBG - two seasons top 500 solo FPP;
    Ring of Elysium - two seasons top 50 DUO\SOLO EU;

    Played a lot in Overwatch, Rust, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Team Fortress 2.

    Clan(s) you have previously belonged to: eMouse, me bad no london.

    Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s): Inactivity

    What are your preferred Weapons, Role and Tactics? OBIR, Obeya, Oscar, Carbine;
    Support role.

    Do you have a working microphone? (Required) Yes

    Do you have TeamSpeak or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required) Yes

    What does 'playing honourably' mean to you? Respect other players and play fair.

    Describe a gameplay scenario or tactic that makes you angry/annoyed/upset: When oppo run away at final stage :-D

    How did you hear about WASP Inc? Played a lot against your competitive division

    Anything else you would like to add? I don't speak english very well but I want to improve my gaming skills and english knowledge with you :]
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  2. rooq

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    You have been accepted.

    Due to low activity you will immediately be invited to the in-game clan where you will be able to access the clan roster and play with the members of our community that are currently active. You will be kept in a state of probation for some time, and members will be encouraged to reach out should they experience any issues.

    Poke an officer for an invite to the Discord server.
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