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  1. Leah

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    Oct 13, 2018
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    Full Name: Leah

    If you have one, please provide a direct link to your Steam Profile:

    Do you wish to clarify/elaborate on any previous VAC bans?
    Four years ago this steam account was a shared account within my household because none of us really took steam seriously. One of them decided they were going to cheat on CS:GO and they got banned like an idiot. So now im stuck with it.

    Country: Canada #1

    Description of yourself:
    I am a positive person who is very competitive when it come to games. I enjoy video games (obviously), drawing and customizing on APB and games like it. I look forward to meeting new people. I have a bunch of pet birds and a lizard? I am verbally competent?

    Age (Minimum 18): 19

    Character Name: Warloq

    Character Rating (Minimum 100): 143

    Threat Level (Minimum Gold): Gold

    Have you read and understood our charter? Yes

    Previous Game Experience:
    I have 6k+ hours in APB. (5 years)
    8 years of WoW
    3 years of Runescape
    4 years of GunZ
    17k hours Roblox surf maps

    Clan(s) you have previously belonged to:
    Banners and Bodybags (Active crim clan)

    Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s):
    Is my active crim clan
    Disbanded (leader quit)
    Left because they all got banned...:worried:

    What are your preferred Weapons, Role and Tactics?
    I prefer using Carbine/Ntec/Obeya. but I mainly use carbine.
    Semi aggressive gameplay.
    I am typically the one to charge in and get the entry frags.

    Can you speak and understand the English language? (Required) Yes

    Do you have a working microphone? (Required) Yes

    Do you have TeamSpeak or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required) Yes

    What does 'playing honorably' mean to you?
    To me it means being a good sport. So don't do things like grief or ghost missions you aren't in. It also means don't cheat or be overly toxic towards others in-game. aka your opposition.. (Anything you wouldn't want done to you in a mission and out of one.)

    Describe a game play scenario or tactic that makes you angry/annoyed/upset:
    Playing against people who run with the item until the last minute and then put it on point so my team has no chance of taking it back to our base and get points. *Running with item in general.

    When the opposition puts the item in a spot that is impossible to get to. (When they break boxes that are used to climb up)

    When you get into a mission that is an obvious win, but they kick a member of their team or call in a friend/clanmate so he/she can ghost for them and grief the point and/or you so that they win.

    How did you hear about WASP Inc?
    From nice guy Lurq and Mattskoi.. :smiley:

    Anything else you would like to add?
    Wasps are cooler than Bumblebees any day of the week. In the past I have been known to troll but if I am accepted, I am capable of holding it in.
    and I play with Lurq literally everyday.....all day.....every second.......not even joking
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  2. Lurq

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    Mar 27, 2016
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    i vouch
  3. Cerviel

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    Mar 23, 2016
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    Your application has been accepted for a tryout!

    During this trial you will be evaluated on your communication, skill level, language, and behavior in order to monitor if you have the material for our probation period.

    You may contact one of the following individuals for a tryout:

    You have 3 days to contact us. If it is not possible for you to attend at this time please let us know by leaving a notice on your application. Once your tryout has been completed you may expect a response on your application with the result within a few days.

    Thank you for your interest in WASP Inc.
  4. Cerviel

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    Mar 23, 2016
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    Congratulations on successfully completing your tryout, you have now been accepted as a probationary member for WASP NA. You may have to re-log in order to view the private forums.

    Your probation will last 30 days from this acceptance post. Please view the private message you will be receiving shortly for more information.
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