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    We get quite a lot of applications during a month, but a lot of those applications are almost never up to our standards and are declined instantly.

    Here are a few tips that can help you on your way to make a good application and help you pass the tryout:

    Fulfill our minimum requirements
    This may seem obvious but the fact is that we get applications from people who either is not gold threat or who is below 18 years old. We don't bend these rules. Even if you are a week from turning 18. Wait a week and re-apply. If you are borderline between silver and gold you should probably also wait before applying until your threat level is more stable.

    Spend sufficient time on your application
    Show us that you are committed to join WASP. It says a lot about you if you think that an application that took two minutes to write is enough to join us. Show that you are committed. This is usually done by adding a certain grade of detail to your application.

    Make a decent description of yourself
    We want to know who you are. We don't expect an essay please but do tell us about other things besides what and how you play video games. Tell us about your spare time activities, what you do for a living, how annoying your baby brother is... anything.

    Get a decent microphone
    Being in WASP means that you focus on teamwork and communication. If you don't have a microphone or the one you have has horrible sound quality then you should consider getting a new one before applying.

    Regarding Steam
    If you use Steam please provide us with a proper link to your profile and not just your username/account name/Id. We do no longer accept people with recent VAC bans - regardless of reason behind the ban. If you got banned many years ago we might be able to talk about it.

    Look at other applications for inspiration - but don't copy
    If you don't know what to put into your application then have a look at some of the accepted applications. They did something right and maybe their applications can give you some inspiration on what to write. But don't copy other peoples applications. We can tell.

    Don't take negative comments as an offence
    Yes, we are going to try to pick your application apart bit by bit. It's not because we have anything against you, it's just a way for us to get beneath your facade.

    Set up TeamSpeak in advance
    If you get accepted for a tryout please set up TeamSpeak in advance so we don't have to spend the first 15-20 minutes waiting for you to figure out your PTT button or if your voice activation is set correctly.
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