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    Full Name: Giulio Prenga

    Provide a link to your Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198313852758/

    Do you wish to clarify/elaborate on any previous bans? none

    Country: Albania

    Description of yourself: Hi, I'm a simple guy like many others, I drink smoke purpose ahah oh well besides this I'm very sociable with anyone

    Age (Minimum 18): 22/03/97

    Character Name: lorwyn (enf)/ Yewtree (crim)

    Have you read and understood our charter? Yes

    Character Rating (Minimum 100): as an evaluation of my character if I had to give a grade from 1 to 10 it would be 8 I think then there are some people even better than me, but above all still playing from a gaming laptop is not the

    Other characters: none

    Threat Level (Minimum Gold): gold

    Previous Game Experience: I started apb since beta

    Clan(s) you have previously belonged to: Progression, Adverse, Divided, and others

    Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s): all of them was inactive

    What are your preferred Weapons, Role and Tactics? shootgun, scout, ap45 , oscar but i'm actually better with hvr and shootgun

    Do you have a working microphone? (Required) Yes

    Do you have TeamSpeak or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required) Yes

    What does 'playing honourably' mean to you? Honorable, said of things, and referring to people, it concerns only the honor that comes to them persons, taken honor in a sense similar to Stima, reputation, glory that comes from honesty and from deeds or words worthy of praise; Honorary concerns rather the honors due to those who hold so-called honorific positions.

    Describe a gameplay scenario or tactic that makes you angry/annoyed/upset: none

    How did you hear about WASP Inc? drom Apb Reloaded

    Anything else you would like to add? nothing see u

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