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    Your Name: Styoobit rooski

    Country: Netherlands

    Age (Minimum 18): 26

    Dota 2 Friend ID:

    Description of yourself: relax guy looking for a community to play games with

    What is your MMR? (solo and team) 3.8k solo - 3.7k party

    Have you read and understood our charter? Yes

    Previous Game Experience: i have been in a gameing community for over 10 years
    since the community died im looking for something new

    Clan(s) you have previously belonged to: DQ

    Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s): community died

    Do you have a working microphone? (Required) Yes

    Do you have TeamSpeak or are you able to install TeamSpeak? (Required) Yes

    What does it mean to 'play honourably'? x

    Describe a situation that can annoy you in online gaming: x

    How did you hear about WASP Inc? join dota

    Anything else you would like to add? x
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    Your application is rather thin at the moment, could you expand your answers a bit? While the "anything would like to add" the others are there for a reason.

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