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    Mar 23, 2016
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    Cheers, folks.
    It's been almost a year since this group's been more or less made official. We started as a group of players with a common mindset to be better at APB and reach the high levels, somehow banded together thanks to Wigglie's groundwork and eventually became official as a part of Challenger project. There've been many sessions, interesting attempts at various tactics, theories on formations and whatnot. Looking back at it all, I find myself smiling; we've sure had quite the ride, haven't we? :wink:

    That said, along with the great things a lot of unfortunate things happened too, many goals have been left unaccomplished, many attempts and efforts unrealized. I've failed to truly push forward many things I've had in mind, most I haven't even shared, and those that I've tried have mostly ended up just in words and afterwards left unattended. I bring my sincere apologies for my failures, I haven't given you all enough effort and attention to bring you higher, I haven't realized many ideas I wanted to in order to help other WASP members, those that never made it into GRIT, and I haven't helped enough to GRIT members themselves, making you all wait. I wonder if in vain, but that's up to you yourselves. I could have had perhaps given enough effort and time to avoid any of this, but my real life's eventually done quite a number on me, leading all the way to a heart attack based on nerve stress.

    Following the bad process of my last try at bringing life back to GRIT in my own fashion, including the several requests for tactics and footage topics in GRIT's forums that haven't been realized at all thus far, I've come to believe I haven't been qualified to officially represent GRIT and try to give it any direction or form. I'm tired of apologizing for my circumstances and my failures, I'm tired of annoying people and making things awkward. I've tried what I could within the time I had left and health available, both physical and mental. I reckon it's time I've stopped the childish play and given official space for a new start of GRIT, even if I get branded a coward.

    Aidaan's filled the role of an acting captain in my absence and has done great in many ways I couldn't. I know it is immoral to officially hand over the moderator position to Aidaan without a proper discussion beforehand, but I'd prefer if Aidaan and GRIT itself decided where they want to go, what they will do, and how they'll do it all without my input. Henceforth I transfer all official and moderator rights to Aidaan. May you all climb ever higher, I'll put my hope in it.

    I wish you all good luck and quality fun. My interference ends with this, have fun wrecking some havoc in upper tiers :wink:
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