WASP Inc is a gaming community driven by teamwork and success. Our flagship game divisions are founded on simple community principles, and our members are ahead of the curve for setting new trends. Underpinning our core divisions is a general community of like-minded, competitive gamers who always learn to push boundaries together, making friends along the way.


Our community is our lifeblood. Made up of likeminded gamers across a variety of games, we apply a unique community approach to each genre we cross. Regardless of tastes and mind sets, at the core of it all are our dedicated members with a thirst for winning, learning from mistakes, and a strong believe in competent teamwork.


To effectively handle WASP's approach to each game and genre, our community offers several Divisions run by their own inclusive leadership structure. Applicants must pass their applied Division's recruitment and probation review process to gain membership. New Divisions are always on the horizon as fresh multiplayer experiences come into reach.


Our charter is our code: No cheating, no belligerence, applied common sense and a mature outlook when needed. Our structure is simple: Divisions underpinned by a broad yet likeminded community. Our focus is our driving force: Apply effective teamwork and communication to as many multiplayer games as we can.

There is only one thing left to do!

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